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  1. The Return Of Nibiru An.Unna.Ki
  2. The Flight Of Nergal An.Unna.Ki
  3. anunnaki_technozoyd.mp3 Technozoyd An.Unna.Ki
  4. Ninurta An.Unna.Ki
  5. In Presence Of Inanna An.Unna.Ki
  6. An.Unna.Ki An.Unna.Ki

The long stunning radio emanating cosmic whistle of “AN.UNNA.KI” depicts the prolog-mantra to the genesis and apocatasthasis of humanity.'s cybernetic symphonies and echtoplasmic drones echo through the mythological time tunnel of the ancient astronaut-gods' cosmogony.

… a jump back in time,where the athmosphere is that of expectation and contemplation ... a visionary perception of humanity's neverending looking-glass.

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2009, July 25