COOL Seduction

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  1. A Life Upstairs cool
  2. The Bedroom Door cool
  3. Savanah cool
  4. The Sweetest Apple Pie cool
  5. Head cool
  6. The Plot cool
  7. Sexgate Report cool
  8. Who Begins The House Of Dwarf cool
  9. Theme from LUSTFUL cool
  10. Cool cool
  11. The Eye That Spy cool
  12. En Tract cool
  13. Elder cool
  14. Locomotive cool
  15. Boozo cool
  16. Seduction cool

“Cool” is one shot collateral project of Bay City Blues, limited to this album, “Seduction”. Recorded and mixed in a week (on August 1998), with a malfunctionaning 4 tracks recorder, using a minimal instrumentation (a toy keyboard, some parts of bass and electric guitar, a few primordial synthesizer, and voices), “Seduction” is the joky side-project of Nicholas Corey (voice, instruments), Phillis Nirdlinger (voice, instruments) and Judy Asquith (voices). A distorted easy listening and exotic bath.

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