SADOMUNDO Standards Of Pain

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  1. 1_-_sombre.mp3 Sombre SadoMundo
  2. Mania SadoMundo
  3. Cannibal Camp 7 SadoMundo
  4. Rita Calderoni SadoMundo
  5. 5_-_nuda_per_satana.mp3 Nuda Per Satana SadoMundo
  6. Colours SadoMundo
  7. Boudoir Revisited SadoMundo
  8. Holiday In Salo' SadoMundo
  9. Ninth Train SadoMundo
  10. Bordello SadoMundo
  11. Vicarium Sentencia SadoMundo
  12. The Blind SadoMundo

New album from the diabolical band.

A collection of eclectic tunes, sometimes touched by the grace of pop with a perverse side.

The album is also an homage to the dark cinema of the seventies (Renato Polselli, Luigi Batzella, Sergio Martino).

Featuring collaborations from Harold Nono (Scotland composer and arranger), Nicholas Corey (Conservativers), Artemisia (Akronia), Neuropa, the drummer Steve Inagadda and L2O.

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Release date: 
2010, July 1