The project AN.UNNA.KI sees the light during the summer of 2007 taking inspiration from both the stellar vault and the heretic visionary theories of Zecharia Sitchin about an interventionist plan on human origin. is the translation-interpretation into musical terms of such cosmogony, meaning to explain the apotheosis of an abysmally radical event about humanity.

AN.UNNA.KI is composed by two gentlemen involved to electronic equipment and a common musical and cultural substratus:

derList - formerly member of MAQOM ( "TAM-EL" - Trasponsonic 2007) and still active as derList ( V/A"Subconscious Primitiv Musick" - Neue Kultur 2009) ;

Neurath - formerly member of MAQOM ( "TAM-EL" - Trasponsonic 2007) and presently active as INDIA VON HALKEIN ("Mnetha" - Trasponsonic 2008; V/A"Subconscious Primitiv Musick" - Neue Kultur 2009);

They share and aim strenght to a personal vision of the methamorphic post-industrial Babel, a conception found across cyber-punk literature and the great litteray and philosophical avantgards of the early '900's, the disintegration of the concept of individual inside the anoxic mechanisms of the mass-society and the technocratic delirium of contemporary society. The chief intent is that of focusing a state of mind, and existential procedure, an escatological doctrine, an apocathastasis wish...


The long stunning radio emanating cosmic whistle of “AN.UNNA.KI” depicts the prolog-mantra to the genesis and apocatasthasis of humanity.'s cybernetic symphonies and echtoplasmic drones echo through the mythological time tunnel of the ancient astronaut-gods' cosmogony.

… a jump back in time,where the athmosphere is that of expectation and contemplation ... a visionary perception of humanity's neverending looking-glass.

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