Bay City Blues

Nicholas Corey (voice, instruments), Lou Ford (instruments) and Phillis Nirdlinger (guitar, instruments) formed "Bay City Blues" in July 1993. Initially devoted to industrial impro sessions, the trio began to elaborate a more complex identity in sound, using mostly electronic instruments, recording on a 4-tracks tape recorder and filling their passion for american crime fiction literature in their black and white world. From 1997 they added female vocals of Judy Asquith (from "La Bambola del Dottor Caligari") alternated to the sulphureus voice of Corey. They also released a spin off work under "Cool" denomination (with Judy Asquith, without Lou Ford) and some works as "Propane 100%"(in the classic trio formation) dedited to extreme electronic noise.

BAY CITY BLUES Propane Music

Reprints of the homonym CD originally published on Bolgia Folk in 1999. Contains instrumentals tracks of the trio Corey/Ford/Nirdlinger recorded before “The Clean Pot”, (1995/1996). Obsessives drum machines, atonal textures of guitar, analogical synthesizers, screechings of turntable, dark expansion of feedback. A work that shows how much certain industrial sonorities have influenced the sound of the band.

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