L.C.B. was born in the first months of 2009 in Arezzo, after some free Live-Electronics sessions.

Son and successor to a long history in the arena of ambient-industrial music, L.C.B. has a unique individual as father: Giņ.

His strong passion for experimentation, audio manipulation, extreme sound,  and above all his attachment to the forerunners of the genre (from Russolo and Bianchi to the present) bring him to explore musical avenues which are free from any rational or stylized order.

L.C.B. is The Man, with his languages, his shifts and cracks, his discomfort.
With his curved behaviour and the whacked hopes.
With his life, too.
With his end, above all.

Modern Holocaust is the first album.
Eight tracks recording and selected in L.C.B.Studio in about four months.

Modern Holocaust is the commercialization of human body and mind.
Modern Holocaust is a depressing present.

Album released in DVD case, limited to 30 copies
Longtime 35' 00''

Ugly Cunt Records (2009)

L.C.B. Dopo Ore Di Silenzio

A collection of 14 tracks recorded in early 2009 from this italian "solitary" project.
An eclectic trip from noise to harsh, from cool electronica to old industrial school influence.

Many references but truth is that NO ONE sounds like L.C.B.

Questo Cd registrato nei primi mesi del 2009 raccoglie in ordine sparso, ma ricomposte con assoluta perizia filologica, le tracce con cui G. ha consacrato il proprio progetto solista, meglio ancora “solitario”, e le stesse che hanno segnato il definitivo passaggio dal suo progetto precedente all'attuale L.C.B.

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