SadoMundo are:

Jesper Olsen (voice)
JJR Ewing (instruments)
Amanda Oxemberg (instruments)

Their sonic sculptures are a reflection of some infamous theories by Marquis D.A.F.De Sade.
Perversion, deviated sexual acts, irony are their alphabet.

All their works are published by Alampo, including: Circula (2006), Boudoir Dancefloor (2006), AutoCannibalismo (2007).

A collection of international remixes is scheduled for 2008 end.
The filthy trio is actually working on their new full release, Standards Of Pain scheduled for 2009.

SADOMUNDO Standards Of Pain

New album from the diabolical band.

A collection of eclectic tunes, sometimes touched by the grace of pop with a perverse side.

The album is also an homage to the dark cinema of the seventies (Renato Polselli, Luigi Batzella, Sergio Martino).

Featuring collaborations from Harold Nono (Scotland composer and arranger), Nicholas Corey (Conservativers), Artemisia (Akronia), Neuropa, the drummer Steve Inagadda and L2O.


SADOMUNDO Circula (New Edition)

Only 3 years after the original release, this title is back in stock.

All tracks remastered. New art cover and package.
CDr limited edition of 69 copies.

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