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Devoted to home experimentations from the end of 1979, Bas.Fled, using a myriad of monikers, he realized a hundred works. His favorite instruments is a 4 tracks tape recorder on which to pour again in chaotic and torrential way the most disparate sonorities. In the first '80 he played live gigs with an analogical synthesizer and tapes recorded from radio. Among his more absurd works (in preparation for Alampo) a CD Album "box of assemblage" in which the tracks are a kit to assemble to really liking.


BAS.FLED The Golden Age


Celebration of the poor aesthetics and full of homages to the first season of the industrial music (T.G., SPK, Non), “The Golden Age” is a rough record based upon autogenerating sounds, primordial keyboards, obsessive sequencers, loops of bawls, unidentified noises mixed with waves of raw and psychotic noise.

In the author's own definition: “organized garbage sounds.”

Price: €8.00
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the golden age by bas.fled (cover)
  1. autorising
  2. night fever
  3. covenant burns
  4. frogalicius
  5. wormalia
  6. selfeaters (PRE)
  7. pope libido
  8. self eaters (POST)
  9. concilium
  10. boiled alive (FULL CUT)

BAS.FLED Tape Music


Anthology, assembled by the author, of archive's material, fishing in the boundless collection of tapes. A milkshake of iniquities made with synthesizers, primordial drum machines, classical music, concrete sounds, radio, porno voices from movies, tortured vinyl and tons of treated tapes.

Price: €8.00
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tape music by bas.fled
  1. Brainwasher
  2. Three Boys from Perù
  3. Acid'86
  4. Arab Field
  5. Babymass
  6. Beethoven Dance Mix
  7. Copulator
  8. Radio A
  9. Ze Dogs Are Pumpin'On
  10. Cambodia Rev
  11. Garden
  12. Ciulifruli
  13. Heartland
  14. Radio B
  15. Heaven
  16. Razor
  17. Rapso 2
  18. KKC
  19. Egg
  20. Rosalita
  21. Rossini
  22. Tortora Tapes
  23. NC3
  24. Pneumatic
  25. Radio C
  26. SM POP'86
  27. Mystery
  28. Door
  29. Sibelius Spiders
  30. Rapso 3
  31. Three Boys Ambient
  32. Valz
  33. Sibelius Trance Dance
  34. Copulator Dub
  35. Rapso

BAS.FLED Rickets


Single with a remixed song from the album “The Golden Age” and three unreleased tracks.

Price: €8.00
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rickets by bas.fled
  1. Boiled Alive
  2. Phobica
  3. Antirhythm
  4. Conciliorum

BAS.FLED Sabotage ! Dancehall Remixes


Maxi-single in limited edition with remixed materials from “Dancehall E.P.”
More tiresome than its twin. As always in unstable balance between fascinating and unlistenable.

Price: €8.00
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sabotage ! dancehall remixes by bas.fled
  1. Turbina Romance
  2. Conto prego, subito
  3. Splt On Totti
  4. Nerone
  5. Nerone
  6. Obscured
  7. Dark Long Hall
  8. Organ Full Unit (dancehall)
  9. Dronecore

BAS.FLED Dancehall E.P.


Maxi-single inspired by dance music and its environment. Naturally the tracks have anything to do with dance music, having hinged also on the rhythm.
The used outfit is the usual one: field recordings, electronic minimalism, punctuations of organ and an unusual use of the electric piano.

Price: €8.00
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dancehall e.p. by bas.fled
  1. Dancehall
  2. Loco Cirraco
  3. Funky Woman
  4. Baby Body Baby
  5. Turbina
  6. Nerone
  7. Obscured
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