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Buckle Apmorphic

Amanda Oxemberg (guitar), Gartho Reinville (bass, toys, found objects) , J.R.Ewing (bass, guitar, effects) and Jesper Olsen (home-made drums, toys, percussions) formed "Buckle Apmorphic" in 1995.
Devoted to informal noise rock quartet, aesthetically debtor to no-wave. The sound is primitive, sometimes raw and minimalistic and is developed in some tape works for Bolgia Folk. All the recordings were live in studio, without adjustements, overdubs, cuts, ecc.
The quartet stopped the activity in the spring 1997.



Recorded in a one shot session, november 1996, this cartoon soundtrack (a never finished work by Alvino Stomp) is one of the supreme weirdness of the quartet.All made with a primitive drum machine,toys,the usual parade of noises and some spare guitar/bass/voices. A dementia hommage to cartoon music/exotica in noisey mood. For audacious listeners only.

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bracco the sheep by buckle apmorphic (cover)
  1. Main Title
  2. Grind Bulls In Pain Three Sketches
  3. Game Calls
  4. Fantasia
  5. Brazileiro
  6. Tom Tom Parade
  7. Crazy For Mambo
  8. Chase 1
  9. Dinner's Time
  10. Morning Graze
  11. Scrape Stomp
  12. Fantasia Exotica
  13. Chase 2
  14. Quiet Factory
  15. End Titles



An unpleasant hard work, example of total abstraction. Recorded after “La Trimurti”, this project extremises some solutions of its predecessor. Entirely realized with home made instruments and toys, tried live in an infernal magma, “Trippa Concreta” documents the four nihilistic wish toward the use of any scheme, paying debt to that concrete music (with ironic tone) very loved by the band

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Trippa Concreta by Buckle Apmorphic (cover)

1/13.Trippa Concreta (An Untamed Rhapsody)



Originally published as triple album on cassette tape (three hours around of material), La Trimurti is the most ambitious project of the group. Except few tracks, based on classical rock form, is mainly based on free form, less of structures standard,and performed in a classical formation 2 guitars-bass-drums, ”La Trimurti“ is an experimental work to begin from the use of the instrumentation: percussions and objects of every type, toy piano and vibraphone toy, environmental noises.

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La Trimurti (cover)
  1. The Burnt Orange Heresy
  2. The Rings Of Bilbo Baggins
  3. Garden Of Evil
  4. Swamp Deep Waltz
  5. Tzara
  6. Slice Of Christ
  7. Escape From Motor Madness
  8. Cascades
  9. Naked Brides
  10. Tom Tom Macute
  11. The Naple Disease
  12. Rope
  13. The Seventh Man
  14. Opiss Bath For Ladies
  15. Humdrum
  16. Blood Slack
  17. Love Me Tender
  18. Bulbo for Breakfast
  19. That Yellow Bastard
  20. When Machinery Sleeps
  21. Cannibal
  22. Vaseline Simphonique
  23. Porpoise
  24. La Trimurti



This CD collects live material from the first demo “Buckle Apmorphic Tales”with some tracks that cover the whole period of activity of the group.
Dark and raw, the sound of the band is hinged up on the more abstract influences of industrial derailments.

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album by buckle apmorphic (cover)
  1. Crumb
  2. Dark Bolero Ambient
  3. Killer In The Rain
  4. Jerry Dement
  5. Lesson N.1
  6. Suburbs
  7. Lounge
  8. Stompin'
  9. Suburbs
  10. Suburbs
  11. Suburbs
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