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Electric Guitar
Bells, Percussion and makeshift instruments


Martin Kränzel, born 1972, lives in Hamburg since 1992.
First musical attempts at the age of 13 or 14.
Played guitar for several bands, among them grindcore band "Polluted Minds" (1988/89), and bass in industrial/avant-garde duo "Säubrenner" in 1992/93.
Deejayed in the years 1994 to 1996. Founded "Cross Fade Enter Tainment" (CFET) together with Christoph De Babalon in 1994. Left CFET in 1996.
In October 2006 Martin gave birth to WICKED MESSENGER.

An interview with Wicked Messenger

Interview by J.Dread originally published on Plague Haus Webzine
(Saturday,06 December 2008)


J Dread: Hello. First of all, would you briefly introduce Wicked Messenger to those still unfamiliar with the project?

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