BAS.FLED The Golden Age

the golden age by bas.fled (cover)
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Tuesday, July 5, 2005

Celebration of the poor aesthetics and full of homages to the first season of the industrial music (T.G., SPK, Non), “The Golden Age” is a rough record based upon autogenerating sounds, primordial keyboards, obsessive sequencers, loops of bawls, unidentified noises mixed with waves of raw and psychotic noise.

In the author's own definition: “organized garbage sounds.”

  1. autorising
  2. night fever
  3. covenant burns
  4. frogalicius
  5. wormalia
  6. selfeaters (PRE)
  7. pope libido
  8. self eaters (POST)
  9. concilium
  10. boiled alive (FULL CUT)