the clean pot by bay city blues (cover)
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Tuesday, June 1, 2004

Alampo CD edition of the debut album of Bay City Blues,originally released on tape only.
Low-Fi recordings, drum machines, primordial loops, distorted and dissonant guitars, turntable, malfunctionant Cd players and an alienated voice. All the tracks, mostly instrumentals, are brief, somewhere flashing. Obsessed by the dark side of urban civilisation, Bay City Blues paint a dark and hallucinated picture of disturbing beauty.

  1. A Morning For Flamingos
  2. Kundalini Fractured
  3. White Collar
  4. Doggy
  5. Sally Dee's Breakfast
  6. Cistin Day
  7. ac Was a Fleet
  8. Schobee
  9. Tronica
  10. Triple Besaurus
  11. Evergone Sucks
  12. Spies for Bubba
  13. Astroborges
  14. You Signed for A Blossom Cascade
  15. Bass Call
  16. Islam Terror
  17. Mondrian
  18. You Will Never Know What Shooted You
  19. Debonair
  20. Warm As It Rains
  21. Jabberwock
  22. Ground Control
  23. Eating East Tools
  24. Sally Dee's Out to Lunch
  25. Violins for Doggy
  26. Desturbada
  27. Moulder
  28. Industrial Happening
  29. Sway