BAY CITY BLUES Propane Music

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  1. 01-loop_64kb.mp3 Loop Bay City Blues
  2. 02-adesertwake_64kb.mp3 A Desert Wake Bay City Blues
  3. 03-resistornova_64kb.mp3 Resistor Nova Bay City Blues
  4. 04-bellabimba_64kb.mp3 Bellabimba Bay City Blues
  5. 05-untitledimpron1_64kb.mp3 Untitled Impro N.1 Bay City Blues
  6. 06-untitledimpron2_64kb.mp3 Untitled Impro N.2 Bay City Blues
  7. 07-chaosinterlude_64kb.mp3 Chaos Interlude Bay City Blues
  8. 08-sixfeetshow_64kb.mp3 Six Feet Show Bay City Blues
  9. 09-garden_64kb.mp3 Garden Bay City Blues
  10. 10-musictoshoppingby_64kb.mp3 Music To Shopping By Bay City Blues
  11. 11-harrytrumand.fend_64kb.mp3 Harry Truman D.Fend Bay City Blues
  12. 12-shortcut_64kb.mp3 Short Cut Bay City Blues
  13. 13-slowhammer_64kb.mp3 Slow Hammer Bay City Blues
  14. 14-stereochannels_64kb.mp3 Stereo Channels Bay City Blues
  15. 15-rhythmop_64kb.mp3 Rhythm Op Bay City Blues
  16. 16-headatsecondfloorii_64kb.mp3 Head At Second Floor II Bay City Blues
  17. 17-soniczoo_64kb.mp3 Sonic Zoo Bay City Blues
  18. 18-headatsecondflooriii_64kb.mp3 Head At Second Floor III Bay City Blues
  19. 19-melliflue_64kb.mp3 Melliflue Bay City Blues
  20. 20-viaggiareattraversogalassieferite_64kb.mp3 Viaggiare Attraverso Galassie Ferite Bay City Blues

Reprints of the homonym CD originally published on Bolgia Folk in 1999. Contains instrumentals tracks of the trio Corey/Ford/Nirdlinger recorded before “The Clean Pot”, (1995/1996). Obsessives drum machines, atonal textures of guitar, analogical synthesizers, screechings of turntable, dark expansion of feedback. A work that shows how much certain industrial sonorities have influenced the sound of the band.

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