DEAD.CIRCUIT Repressed Memory Therapy

repressed memory therapy by dead.circuit
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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Debut full-length release from dark-industrial/experimental/soundscape artist ‘dead.circuit’.

Being a former patient in a mental hospital, one has to heal through therapy. Through therapy sessions called ‘repressed memory therapy’, the patient is believed to heal his sickness. Or is he really?

Extremely dark and emotional confessions from a deranged mind!

Created between 2006-2008, this is a voyage through asylum-industrial landscapes.

CDr limited edition of 97 hand numbered copies.

  1. Starting Session
  2. Insanity Therapy
  3. Parental Guidance
  4. Beneath The Laboratory
  5. Chains-Awe
  6. Something Between The Walls
  7. Modus Operandi
  8. The Infinite Horizon
  9. A Confession From The Future (Ending Session)