The History of Alampo

The history of Alampo is parallel to that of its founders, one minute group of sonorous pioneers that begin to record home experiments at the end of 1979, in Bologna, Italy. The initial nucleus (J.R. Ewing, Amelio Lanzoni, Samuel Cock) produces audiocassettes in limited edition (often with hand-painted covers). Beginning from 1981 around, they document a sonorous activity from the dadaistic labels (concrete noises of every sort, tools toy and other amenities) and fully imputable to the aesthetics of the Do-It-Yourself. The production of cassettes continues up to 1998, when the change of support turns to CD R. The label has changed denomination three times: Lanzoni Records (from 1979 to 1985), Bolgia Folk (from 1996 to 2000) and finally Alampo Records in 2001, in concomitance with the exit of Criopalmos first release "Desculpe Para El Platano".