Coqueline, by La Bambola Del Dr.Caligari (cover)
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Wednesday, October 5, 2005

Among the last work of the group in its classical formation, “Coqueline” is entirely produced by the trio Spitty/Ewing/Asquith. It's the most mature and elaborated work of the band, fruit of only two sessions in March 1986.

Released with few instrumentation but with distinctive arrangements, this album puts to fire the best intuitions of the previous works. The sound minimal and insinuating of the machines gives force to the wrapping interpretations of Judy Asquith. This CD version is coupled by the soundtrack for an installation at the art gallery Number Zero (Bologna), in February 1986. Divided in four parts, “Suite of music for Silent Ducks” shows already in instrumental form a lot of affinities with the tracks of “Coqueline” (that it will be recorded at the end of the following month).
A timeless Alampo classic.

  1. Hello America
  2. Blue Soldier
  3. That Cursed House
  4. Tape Echo
  5. Deep Skanner
  6. Rocket
  7. Deep Skanner (alternate take)
  8. Blue Soldier Extended
    Suite di musica per anatre silenti
    Suite per anatre silenti
  9. Canard 1
  10. Canard 2
  11. Canard 3
  12. Canard 4