POLYTON Music For Moon Lovers

Music For Moon Lovers, by Polyton (cover)
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Monday, May 1, 2006

Les Baxter and Esquivel in a terminal delirium state. A project by Nicholas Corey (Conservativers, Bay City Blues, Propane, Cool), JR Ewing (Criopalmos, Malachia, SadoMundo etc.) and Ray Hazelwood (Korosiva kancerata Cenerarium). A weirdness hommage to Space Age Pop/Exotica, soundtracks of the sixties and seventies.

  1. The Polyton Mood
  2. Tarzanite
  3. Dark Walk
  4. Jailbeat
  5. The Strip Walk
  6. South Sea Operator
  7. The Honolulu Bandit
  8. Flow
  9. Dark Moods Attack
  10. Moonglow
  11. The Neon Jungle
  12. Torture
  13. Mama Obscura
  14. Beyond The Sea '75