SERMONIZER The Beast Of Sermonizer

the beast of sermonizer by sermonizer
SKU: A073
Release date: 
Thursday, March 20, 2008

Second issue on Alampo from the lord of blasphemy. 12 all new tracks inspired from terminal cinematic obsessions released with rough manipulations of found noises of every kind. An anti ambient milestone.

CDr limited edition of 67 hand numbered copies.

  1. Rape Romance
  2. From Sensual Lands
  3. Tubes Of Fear
  4. Impaled On Turgida Onda
  5. Love Drill
  6. Santa Satan Sarabande
  7. Johnny Agedior
  8. Reverendo Magnitudo
  9. Augustine
  10. La veduta
  11. Akuma No Jikken
  12. The Beast

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