Moon Patrol, by Various Artists (cover)
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Release date: 
Friday, October 10, 2008

With Akronia, Propane, Nuit Close, Time & Tide, dead.circuit, Redeemer, Nosmaus, Wicked Messenger, Flagra, Malachia,Steam Engine Of The Meat Machine, L2O, Machinamentum Vinctum Tortusve. The perfect instrument for travelling without moving in 70 minutes.

CDr limited edition of 97 hand numbered copies.

  1. Akronia Mater Luna
  2. Propane Setiterique
  3. Nuit Close Transparence
  4. Time & Tide Moon Patrol
  5. dead.circuit Sulla Terra,Sulla Luna
  6. Redeemer Neil's Aching Moon Dream
  7. Nosmaus Craterica Virus
  8. Wicked Messenger Blinding A Horse
  9. Flagra La Luna
  10. Steam Engine Of The Meat Machine The Night I Met Madame Edwarda
  11. Malachia All In Black Beauty Is Rising
  12. L2O Moon In China
  13. Machinamentum Vinctum Tortusve Vehmgerichte
  14. Nuit Close Pierre De Lune