Western Moods, by Various Artists (cover)
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Sunday, January 1, 2006

A 2 CDr set collection projected to celebrate Alampo's 50th release. Over 2 hours of previously unreleased material featuring Malachia, SadoMundo, L2O, Amox, S/N Ratio and Python 6 (a project by Sermonizer and RPJ Bunn).


Volume 1
1.L2O Voxsus
2.L2O Gonghiaru
3.L2O Gonghiaru Jap Club
4.Malachia White Heat
5.Amox A Dark Tale
6.S/N Ratio New Age New World
7.S/N Ratio Night Of The Krell
8.S/N Ratio Black Vinyl
9.S/N Ratio Loose

Volume 2
1.SadoMundo The Tumafact Section
2.SadoMundo Slang O Skinner
3.SadoMundo Doctor K.
4.Python 6 Falanx
5.Python 6 Falanx Model 2