The band formed 1999 in Bologna, Italy, to force Lab Reserch between natural and synthetic sounds. They often change formation and sonic perspectives.

Alampo was created by the band as a private label for their releases.

The band is guided by JJR Ewing (instruments) and Amanda Oxemberg (instruments) with a bunch of friends/collaborators: Jesper Olsen (voice, spare bass and percussions), RPJ Bunn (electronic percussions, drum machines), Leg Jump (soprano & tenor sax), Linguano Splay (guitar), Aurelium Spitty (sax, sound engineer), M.tto (didgeridoo), Bruce 80 (clarinet).

CRIOPALMOS - Squod Versus Squod

A collection of ambient and experimental unreleased tracks from the archives.
Alampo 100 is dedicated to the most abstract side of Criopalmos.
Personnel : Amanda Oxemberg, J.R.Ewing, RPJ Bunn except Tracks 1, 4 and 14
(Oxemberg & Ewing only).
Recorded live at Workshop 2003 / 2006 , this selection is the result of research
through 30 hours of recordings.
Assemblage, sound improvement and mastering by Nosmaus Lemuir at Agucchi Home Studios, February 2021.



Renorama, il primo disco dei Criopalmos ad uscire per l'etichetta indipendente bolognese Skipping Musez, è uscito nella primavera del 2004 ma non ha mai trovato una vera distribuzione né alcun vero supporto da parte del “produttore discografico”.

Il gruppo, attivo dal 1999 aveva già prodotto diversi Cd-R per la propria label casalinga, diventata nel frattempo un'etichetta indipendente.



After a long silence, the band returns with this 4 tracks E.P. that signs a strong return to experimental research. Released by the duo Ewing/Oxemberg with contributions from Jesper Olsen, Eliopi is full of weird inventions with self built instruments (mostly percussive) and out of mind moods.



3 tracks single that marks another radical change in the band's style. An electronic bath, full of fascinating melodies with an amazing hypnotic feel. Totally released by the trio Ewing/Oxemberg/Bunn.


CRIOPALMOS Desculpe Para El Platano

The first album by Criopalmos is also the first release of Alampo.

Recorded on 8 track between 2000 and 2001. The band is leaded by JR Ewing (instruments), Amanda Oxemberg (Instruments) and RPJ Bunn (instruments) with a powerful bunch of friends and musicians: Jesper Olsen (vocals, whistle), Leg Jump (tenor & soprano saxophones), Linguano Splay (guitar), Aurelium Spitty (sax), M.tto (didgeridoo), Bruce 80 (clarinet).

A collection of schizophonic sketches.

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