What is cheap blasphemy?
What does it mean bad attitude and disguising taste?
What is unreasonable and absolutely senseless?

In a word you can say: SERMONIZER.

Long before his obsessed experimental soundscapes, it's his hammering sense of weirdness that paints a world of obscenity, iniquity and everything that offends the common hated normal way of life.

Alampo Records is born from the experience of self-production of the Criopalmos and its entourage of collaborators and friends. They make part of it different under-labels that have chosen Alampo to give visibility to their productions. Besides the staff that this project has conceived has had also always among its objectives that to make to know experiences by now concluded but that they represent at once the evolutionary run that has brought us to be what we are and something that possesses that requirements of freshness and originality that these interesting and deserving jobs make to be introduced today still...