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  1. Bonus Track bas.fled
  2. Terrace bas.fled
  3. Nc bas.fled
  4. Nc bas.fled
  5. Drone Spot bas.fled
  6. City Noise Department bas.fled
  7. Burbank Terror bas.fled
  8. Double Evil bas.fled
  9. Disco Sisters bas.fled
  10. Mutade: The Pump Organ Affair bas.fled
  11. Basf Led bas.fled

Debut album on Alampo,after countless titles on tape, totally made,as always, with a 4 track tapes recorder.
Found sounds, malfunctioning tapes mixed to a punctuated poor electronics of melodic flashes of piano and organ.

A disarranged mosaic in a dadaistic vision filtered by a sharp sense of humour.

SKU: A013
Release date: 
2004, January 20