BAS.FLED Malleus Maleficum E.P.

Three tracks (remixed) from the album “Dwyer Sisters” and the complete soundtrack for the short film “Baby Baphomet”, of Frank La Corda: a disturbing work played with a synthesizer and fields recordings.


BAS.FLED Dwyer Sisters

Armed with his inseparable 4 tracks, Bas.Fled extracts unlikely sounds from anything that comes around. Organ, toys keys, bass, guitar, voice and a new terrible invention: the fingerdrums, paper and beating fingers. The only structural rule is chaos.

A lunar album that also contains an abstract soundscape (about 20 minutes) for 4 random televisions.


BAS.FLED Burning Ass Ambient

Maxi-collection in limited edition with remixed material from previous works.
The sounds are processed to give the listener “the worst stereo sound ever recorded”.



Debut album on Alampo,after countless titles on tape, totally made,as always, with a 4 track tapes recorder.
Found sounds, malfunctioning tapes mixed to a punctuated poor electronics of melodic flashes of piano and organ.

A disarranged mosaic in a dadaistic vision filtered by a sharp sense of humour.

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