BAS.FLED Dwyer Sisters

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  1. Borgia bomb bas.fled
  2. Long Playing Moon bas.fled
  3. Dwyer Sisters I bas.fled
  4. Dwyer Sisters II bas.fled
  5. Leah Leah bas.fled
  6. PolPot Lullaby bas.fled
  7. Z Low bas.fled
  8. The Vatican Party bas.fled
  9. Wonderful bas.fled

Armed with his inseparable 4 tracks, Bas.Fled extracts unlikely sounds from anything that comes around. Organ, toys keys, bass, guitar, voice and a new terrible invention: the fingerdrums, paper and beating fingers. The only structural rule is chaos.

A lunar album that also contains an abstract soundscape (about 20 minutes) for 4 random televisions.

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