TRINITY LOREN Circus music

Circus Music, by Trinity Loren (cover)
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Tuesday, November 1, 2005

This anthology picks up, the most experimental side of the band. Compared to their classical repertoire, devoted to song structure, Trinity Loren used to make distorted versions of their tracks or covers cften characterized by the use of manipulated tapes or more weird electronic sounds. This aspects are full recognizable on the rare one “Leather Leash”, dark and delirious, on the circense grotesque of “Circle of Clowns”, assemblage of manipulated voices, distorted tapes of keyboards toy.

Among the other oddities “Circus Music” includes the transfigured versions of “Tides” and “She Runs” and the covers (also in this case almost unrecognizable) of “Sixteen-Shells” (Tom Waits) and “My Wild Love” (Doors).

  1. Christ Overture
  2. Space Bayou
  3. Aeternal
  4. Return Double
  5. Stack Women
  6. Clemency Man
  7. In Deep Woods
  8. Tides
  9. Rodolfo Sickness
  10. Hell Mambo
  11. Tentacion
  12. Leather Leash
  13. Voice Of Love
  14. My Wild Love
  15. She Runs To cathedral
  16. Frank
  17. Double OP
  18. Voice Of Evil
  19. 16 Shells
  20. I-m Your Christ
  21. Shrine
  22. Circle Of Clowns