r.j. schrey

R.J. Schrey

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R.J. Schrey
cover of "the Riddle of Freedom"
cover of "7 hidden chapters"
cover of  "Army of Seven"

Experimental underground musician.
Born in the 70's in the 20th century.

MEDUSADA | Noise | Dark Ambient | Harsh | Noise Concrète | Early Industrial | Avantgarde | Psyhedelic and more

Available Albums:

-->R.J. Schrey with Kenji Siratori - Future Embryo
Coming 2009 on RONF records (Spain)
recorded 2008
pro CD-R...more informations soon

-->The Riddle of Freedom (mini album)
released by GiN Label (China) in January 2009
mini concept album
recorded late 2008
3" CD-R, prof. printed cover in special sealed protection bag, limited edition.

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