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m@ngrove le hibou

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M@nGrOvE Le Hibou

Main solo project of the musician / composer / arranger of IDORU and of NUIT CLOSE, Le Hibou, M@nGrOvE is a deep, intimate and dark work which dives in the depths of his soul.

Le Hibou delivers here a very personal, introspective, intelligent, determinedly modern and sometimes distur work, where it composes, arranges and plays absolutely all the instruments and the machines provided him with.

M@nGrOvE LE HIBOU Le Temple Vert


An amazing project from France. A visionary voyage in a sound forest surrounded by psichedelic dark guitars, hammering bass and percussions.

File under avantgarde exotica.

Price: €7.00
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Le Temple Vert
  1. Chasseurs Celestes
  2. Reptiles Etoiles
  3. La Bete Solitaire
  4. L'Enclume du Marais
  5. Homme-Puma
  6. Cheveux de Lianes
  7. Lune Tatouee
  8. Le Temple Vert
  9. La Danse des Chimeres
  10. Femme-Serpent
  11. Fleurs de Metal
  12. Visions Nocturnes
  13. Le Cercle Final



An international collection of seductive obituary moods for your degenerated evening. Featuring: Redeemer, Malachia, narcosa_, Steam Engine Of The Meat Machine, Akronia, M@nGrOvE Le Hibou, Nosmaus, SadoMundo, Neuropa, Tetriori, Machinamentum Vinctum Tortusve, Necroanal, Sermonizer.

CDr limited edition of 97 hand numbered copies.

Price: €7.00
erotic morgue by various artists
  1. Redeemer Ad Infinitum
  2. Malachia Dark Passage
  3. narcosa_ Das Ungeheure
  4. Steam Engine Of The Meat Machine Bleeding Hook
  5. Akronia Akronia
  6. M@nGrOvE Le Hibou Machine Aborigene
  7. Nosmaus The Smell
  8. SadoMundo Slang O Skin
  9. Neuropa Shit Lovers
  10. Tetriori Arepo Rotas
  11. Machinamentum Vinctum Tortusve Cadavera
  12. Necroanal Sessuale Estasi Con Un Cadavere
  13. Sermonizer Surfin'Dead
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