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What is cheap blasphemy?
What does it mean bad attitude and disguising taste?
What is unreasonable and absolutely senseless?

In a word you can say: SERMONIZER.

Long before his obsessed experimental soundscapes, it's his hammering sense of weirdness that paints a world of obscenity, iniquity and everything that offends the common hated normal way of life.


Sermonizer - The Beast

Video-maker: L2O

Music by: Sermonizer
From: "The Beast Of Sermonizer" (2008)
Alampo Music, 2008

Duration: 10:45


SERMONIZER AmphibiaBass Single


Mini CDr limited edition of 23 handnumbered copies in a special sized package. Three tracks recorded between 2005 and 2007 in the lunatic vein of Sermonizer. Tape manipulations, noise and pain.

Price: €7.00
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amphibiabass single by sermonizer
  1. AmphibiaBass RSV
  2. Long Version
  3. S/Satan Rhythma

SERMONIZER Holy Scumatorium


Alampo debut from the king of the ecstatic bathrooms. Cheap blasphemy postcards in a poisoned noisey juice.

CDr limited edition of 50 hand numbered copies.

Price: €7.00
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holy scumatorium by sermonizer

2.Tata Thrilla
3.Holybutt Fire
4.Iscariota Hobby Hour
5.Sics From Ozaomalla
7.Catta Rattla
9.Attack From Space Rapers Enematorium

SERMONIZER The Beast Of Sermonizer


Second issue on Alampo from the lord of blasphemy. 12 all new tracks inspired from terminal cinematic obsessions released with rough manipulations of found noises of every kind. An anti ambient milestone.

CDr limited edition of 67 hand numbered copies.

Price: €7.00
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the beast of sermonizer by sermonizer
  1. Rape Romance
  2. From Sensual Lands
  3. Tubes Of Fear
  4. Impaled On Turgida Onda
  5. Love Drill
  6. Santa Satan Sarabande
  7. Johnny Agedior
  8. Reverendo Magnitudo
  9. Augustine
  10. La veduta
  11. Akuma No Jikken
  12. The Beast



An international collection of seductive obituary moods for your degenerated evening. Featuring: Redeemer, Malachia, narcosa_, Steam Engine Of The Meat Machine, Akronia, M@nGrOvE Le Hibou, Nosmaus, SadoMundo, Neuropa, Tetriori, Machinamentum Vinctum Tortusve, Necroanal, Sermonizer.

CDr limited edition of 97 hand numbered copies.

Price: €7.00
erotic morgue by various artists
  1. Redeemer Ad Infinitum
  2. Malachia Dark Passage
  3. narcosa_ Das Ungeheure
  4. Steam Engine Of The Meat Machine Bleeding Hook
  5. Akronia Akronia
  6. M@nGrOvE Le Hibou Machine Aborigene
  7. Nosmaus The Smell
  8. SadoMundo Slang O Skin
  9. Neuropa Shit Lovers
  10. Tetriori Arepo Rotas
  11. Machinamentum Vinctum Tortusve Cadavera
  12. Necroanal Sessuale Estasi Con Un Cadavere
  13. Sermonizer Surfin'Dead
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