Born 10th june 1987.
The first Musical experience in 1999 with 3 schoolfriends in a Punk group as a Guitarist.

After playing in some hard-core punk band around milan anarcho-squatting scene during 2002- 2007. Here start the political attitude against animal cruelty and human/earth liberation.

The most Famous was Sswiissh!! in 2005-2007 with Xmelfegor, a mix of Thrash Metal, Punk and Grindcore.

During 2007 also plays in Woodsorder with Neraforestaverde. An Ambient-Drone duo Project to improve electronics.

In december 2007 begin the first experiment in Claustrofobico Demo, a doom noise sound mixed with some ambient slices. Bass, synths and voices.
This is the First playing tagged ADAMENNON.

In 2008 also begin collaboration with Xmelfegor in HABITANTIBUS IN TERRA and then with Neraforestaverde.

Moving from Milan to Parma Mountains, the sound changes, the tracks evolves in a drone-dark ambient with less noise project, more depressive and contemplative to solitude and darkness.

Actually the project collaborates with Cynic Lab records.

Live Collaboration:
And other Bands

Adamennon also Plays actually in LOCOMOTOR MORTIS with BoB, Amox And Xmelfegor.