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Steam Engine Of The Meat Machine is a powerful Death Noise ensemble born in middle 2006. After joining parts with BONE STRUCTURE, a legendary Belgian DIY label focusing on power electronics, death industrial and morbid noise, SEOTMM releases the first record “Cold, Organic Machinery”, that follows a private demo cd-r. In early 2008 the morbid Engine joined the infamous ALAMPO RECORDS, a free-thinkers boudoir based in Bologna, that will release all of his psychotic visions and the latest & grotesque “Homunculus”, a concept album inspired by Paracelsus' alchemical research. R Doktor from Camisole, the best ambient-noise combo in Belgium, referred to SEOTMM as “Italian death noise, in the vein of Maurizio Bianchi or early Contagious Orgasm tape material”. Steam Engine Of The Meat Machine is the sound of a corrupted parenchyma, of a throbbing bladder, of sickness injuring human body.


  • “Cold, Organic Machinery” (2007 BONE STRUCTURE cd-r)
  • “The Meat Machine of Self Destruction” (2007 KAOS EX MACHINA net release)
  • “VV AA: Ascetic Sperm Diet : Girls, Guns & Pierre Molinier” (2008 BONE STRUCTURE cd-r)
  • “VV AA: Slice Yourself. International Cannibal Army Plays SadoMundo” (2008 ALAMPO cd-r)
  • “VV AA: Erotic Morgue. Seductive Obituary Moods” (2008 ALAMPO cd-r)
  • “VV AA: Moon Patrol” (2008 ALAMPO cd-r)
  • “Homunculus” (2008 Alampo cd-r)